How To Have And Spy Two Whatsapp Accounts, Simultaneously?

WhatsApp, with a database of almost 400 millions active users, is bagging more and more fame with every passing new day. This is the truth, that no smartphone runs without this popular instant messaging application. It's just people crave to download and install it as it enables sharing and exchanging of information for free. Yes! You can have a strong link with your near and dear ones by having an access to this blissful app.

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How To Have Two Different Accounts On A Single Gadget?

Some people who possess dual-SIM cell phone desire to enjoy extra perk on their part. They dexterously open two individual account while managing them on one single gadget. It is easy to create two isolated accounts in one device. Check with the other alternative way to carry out the desired benefit.


All you require to do is to have an updated version of an Android device. Once you decide to have two segregated accounts, get your Android cell phone rooted. Download and thereby install an application called SwitchMe. Make sure you have ample amount of space in your gadget. The application SwitchMe lets you sign in and out with two separate users. You should keep it in mind that each user would bear its own information, data-base, applications and settings as well. Once the SwitchMe is equipped in your cell phone, you can generate two distinctive profiles and get operative with two individual accounts of WhatsApp.

How To Spy On Both The Accounts?

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If you need to spy on both the isolated accounts, you need to hunt for an effective WhatsApp cell phone spyware available online. Imobispy is one of the mobile monitoring app which will help you in your endeavor. What you need to do is simple! Just get it downloaded and thereafter installed on your target's cell phone. Once it is done, start monitoring both the profiles separately and incognally

You can, amazingly, read all the chat threads made in each user's account. You can also check with the shared multimedia like images/selfies, video clips, and audio files.


This spy software also lets you lug the following information too of him/her (your marked person), Read on:

  • Real-time GPS location;
  • Detail view of Multimedia folder;
  • Call log- call summary, call history, contact person's name and number;
  • SMSs and E-mails, no matter if it is already deleted;
  • Other IM chat conversation;
  • Leaf through the browsed websites URLs;
  • Listen to live calls and record them;
  • Check the sound of the environment they are present in.

Hence proved, that whether your target has one or multiple accounts on social medias you can monitor them in real-time and that too in stealthy way.

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